“Lovely” shop owner

Jan 17, 2011 by

Belgrade street styleBelgrade street stylephotography by Vanja Milicevic

If you still weren’t informed, there’s a new shop in town! In Kneza Milosa street, the shop “Lovely” is much more than just lovely! It’s gorgeous and full of pretty things for the home and not only! Newly opened it definitely looks like a gem of a store and an absolute ‘must-visit’! This stylish guy is the owner of the shop, Tomislav Tomovic, there’s no need to say more – he’s as handsome as pretty his shop is :). Thanks to Vanja for pictures!


  1. great style, i love his cardigan and scarf!

  2. Toma. :) superrrr!

  3. berna

    pampa gracu!!!

  4. sara

    mislim da sam zaljubljena ;P

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