Girl with the flower tattoo

May 25, 2011 by


photography by Jovana M.

Hello all! Proud to show you all the first pictures taken by Jovana, the fresh BSS contributor I wrote about here. And what a choice – look at this girl and her tattoo! When I saw the pictures I could burst of excitement, that’s definitely NOT something we see every day. The shirt-dress is amazing, the sneakers look great and the pink lipstick totally matches – the girl makes me want to cut my hair short and go get a tattoo :)


  1. Nice dress. I had my hair cut like this. It looked interesting but then when it was growing….aaaaaaah :D

  2. Love her style! And tattoo!:)

  3. Masha

    thanks girls :) oh,and if someone needs a new haircut go to ‘Hair Chair’ in Skender begova 53 :D

  4. Dacha hair

    Oh,thank you Masha…

  5. Pedjoni

    this girl rocks!!! =))))) amazing

  6. i see my orange dress in the background! :-))

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