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Apr 1, 2011 by

Happy Friday, friends! Today we have on the blog a super cute lady, Stashica (you might know her as Anastasija, author of Butterfly dreamer blog). I got to meet Stasha a few days ago and she’s even more adorable in real life! A lovely person, sophisticated yet laid-back fashionista and all in all a fabulously beautiful girl. And I really mean all these words, if you know Anastasija – you know I’m right :)

Little announcement: next week the posts here on Belgrade street style might be a bit irregular as I have a surgery on Tuesday and will be in the hospital the entire week. I’ll take my laptop with me, so if I’m allowed to have it there, I’ll be posting every day :)

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Super su slike! Staša je mnogo lepa, prelepa! Obožavam nju i njen blog :)) Želim da se uverim da je i u prirodi ovako lepa. Divna, prava lepotica. Dosta od mene :) kiss <3

  2. stasa ukrascu ti jaknu! cisto da znas, ponesi je sutra na onu kafu :-P

  3. Ana

    Ne vidim kakve veze ovo ima sa ulicnom modom…

    • The thing is that this girl IS going on the street dressed like this, what other connection there might be? :)

  4. Anchi

    Anastasija je preslatka. Jakna je predobra, kao i otakcene cipelice-klompice!!

  5. Andjela

    Prelepa je!!

  6. Maja

    Wow Anastasija izgledash svetski!
    Stayling mi se jako dopada,jako si fotogenicna i lepa
    Sve pohvale !!

  7. Thank you Ludmila, your beautiful words made my day! I’m so glad I’ve finaly met you!!! You are adorable!:) I think that you have such amazing talent, it was such a bad lighting, and photos turned out great! Hvala, kisses!!!!

  8. nevena

    hot rock chick!!!super look

  9. super jeee, odlicna je jakna!

  10. UnSpOkEn

    woooooooooow… I totally trust you! lucky you and all other people who khow her… ;)))) we want more photos! =))))

  11. Sonja

    slazem se u potpunosti !!!! Lepa si Stasa kao leptiric :)))

  12. Lepa, prelepa Stashaaaaa!!!!!!:))))

  13. Sanja

    Hope your surgery goes well, and it’s nothing serious! :)

    • Finally somebody read the text (nobody else noticed I mentioned the surgery) :). Thank you for the wishes! xo

  14. Stashaaa.Prekul jakna…:))

  15. Nasa lepa lutka! :) Odlicne fotografije, sve pohvale!

  16. Super fotke i super Anastasija :)
    Bravo za obe! :)

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