For the love of Fashion

Mar 10, 2011 by

Zara dress, brown boots, Jelena NenadicJelena Nenadic, Zara dressZara dress, Jelena Nenadic

This post needs a little explanation. Please know that under no circumstances I would ask a girl to take off the coat in the middle of the winter so I can take pictures of her. No way! Yet it happened and it was only because this cute fashionista sacrificed for Belgrade street style, even though it was freezing outside. She deserves the ‘brave heart’ award. Oh what a girl is about to do for the love of Fashion, right? (and writing fashion with capital letter was exactly how I want it to be written).


  1. Sanja

    She is adorable! I looove the dress/belt/cardigan combo! and the necklace! <3

  2. Super cute shoes and bag!

  3. Very nice, like this style very much.

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