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Feb 22, 2011 by

Many of you asked me why didn’t I ever post pictures of me on this site. And I think you’re right, you want to see the style and aesthetics of the person behind the camera :). So here I am, the pictures are taken recently and I’m just looking the way you see in these photos. I had a childhood attack for a while (Bambi is my hero :D), but don’t blame me, we all have the right for moments like these, no? (Pictures taken by my husband)

P.S. From today you can view the pictures in bigger size, just click on the picture to enlarge (thanks to Flickr).


  1. Pseudopoda

    awwwww, you’re cute :)

  2. great combo for Sunday walk! :) love your Bambi sweater, and those boots are perfect!!!you are so cute!:*

  3. Girl, you are so stinkin’ adorable. Luv the sweater.

    xoxo, Chassity

  4. Lovely! Love Bambi, love everything!
    Xoxo, K.

  5. Cute as your blog :) :*

  6. Bojana

    preslatka si :D a i kombinacija je divna

  7. Thank you all so much! I was nervous to post pictures of me here, but your comments totally made me feel amazing! xox

  8. Anna

    You are more than cute — you’re a beautiful young woman.

  9. Your boots aNd bag are awseome!!!
    Lovelz as your blog!:)

  10. Divne fotke i divna ti! Bas sjajno!

  11. So cute! I love Bamby! Love your boots and bag!

  12. Thank you all! xo

  13. Oh oh! I loooove your shirt! Where did u get it?
    Lovely pictures, btw! Maria x0x0


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