Brown & Black

Feb 3, 2011 by

Belgrade street styleBelgrade street style

What do you think about black & brown color combo? I know some people who think that’s wrong in any way, I never understood them, so am asking you now – do these two colors go well together or not? If you’re wondering about me, I think they do!


  1. Black and brown is great combo for me!!Love to wear it!

  2. I was said too many times not to combo black and brown. Totally wrong! :) I agree that they go well together.

  3. Anna

    I love Belgrade style, but one thing puzzles me and that is why all the women seem to carry these huge handbags. What for? I guess I just don’t like carrying them, myeslf, and don’t see the point. :-)

  4. Bockey

    (you think that one is big!?) Anna dear, because you can put a looot of things inside (I have couple of them) :) Simple as that. Maybe because some designers launched big bags.

  5. Sanja

    I love the black & brown combo. And yes, many people have told me that’s wrong, but what do they know anyway? :) I’m also a fan of black and navy together, another taboo combination in opinion of many girls.

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