Style has NO age

Jan 26, 2011 by

Belgrade street styleBelgrade street style

photography by Vanja Milicevic

I wish I looked like this gorgeous lady when I’m her age. Style has no age and I tend to think that with the years women get only better, more beautiful, more elegant, wiser and everything is more – the perfect proof is the lovely lady from above, who was photographed by Vanja a few days ago. When Vanja sent me one picture I was speechless, I was envy (all in a good way! I mean look how stunning she is!) and proud that such a refined woman agreed to be featured on our site – it’s a great honor for us! So with this post I’m saying a big ‘thank you’ to her and just the best wishes. And of course many more, stylish years ahead! I think I found my role model :)


  1. Preslatka je ova dama! :)

  2. divna je stvarnoo!

  3. Anna

    She is what in novels would be called a real Serbian dowager (an older woman who behaves with dignity) — she looks not just classy but dignified. I think that is very important.

  4. Irena

    Graceful and so very much age appropriate.

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