Choomich Design District – Emilija Petrovic

Dec 3, 2010 by

belgrade street stylebelgrade street style

Please meet Emilija Petrovic (of course if you still don’t know her, which is unlikely). She is another Choomich resident and her cute little shop is a must-visit (here‘s a tour if you’d like to see). Not only Emilija is a talented designer, she’s also a fabulous lady, a great and very captivating conversation partner and just a fantastically kind person! She’ll do her best to help when needed and to have some great fun at the very first sight. She’s gorgeous and amazing and so is her shop! Dare I say I’m ‘in love’ with her? :D


  1. sweet Emilija, great boots and that cardigan is gorgeous!

  2. I know! I’m indeed in love with her, she’s charming :)

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