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Fabulous outfit, gorgeous colours and a sweet lady, Anja! Don’t think I need to say more – I’ll just stare away at these fantastic pictures!

Today is Anja’s birthday, so from Belgrade street style we wish her a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Have a wonderful day, pretty lady!


  1. anja je divnaaa! a kombinacija boja savrsena!

  2. ANjaaaaa divna kao i uvek!Boje perfect!:)

  3. preslatka je Anja! i srecan rodjendan! :)))

  4. Savrsena kombinacija!!! Slatkica je prava! Srecan rodjendan Anja!

  5. Anja

    wow! kakvo iznenadjence za rodjendanac! :) hvala ti dragaaa… ljubac za sve! :*

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