Juicy tangerine

Jun 3, 2011 by

Juicy tangerineJuicy tangerineJuicy tangerineJuicy tangerine

This is Zoranna and she rocked big time at Pierre Premier the other evening. The colour of this dress just feels SO right and those shoes! Oh, we all died! Zoranna, beware – I might steel your wardrobe while you sleep :D. She’s such a sweet girl too, I’m glad I finally met her in person!

Happy Friday, loves!


  1. aaaa u r sooo sweet :-) i’m glad i finally met u too!! photos are grate, love them! and im finally on BSS :-) kisses!!!

  2. odlicna kombinacija :)

  3. Predivna. Vec dugooo gledam te cipele :)

  4. Blistala je zaista, i kombinacija je predobra, a slike divneee!

  5. Cool boje.Divna kombinacija…

  6. fenomanlano! Zorana izgleda sjajno, a kombinacija je to die for, narocito multicolor cipelice! :)

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