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happy new year

We’ll be taking some days off next week, see you in 2011! Srecna Nova Godina! Happy New Year! xo

Your favorite posts: part 4

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The 4th and the last part of the posts you liked the most on Belgrade street style from the day it was launched and must I say you all have GREAT taste, looking back at the round-ups 1, 2 and 3 I can only be overwhelmed with joy that you were so interactive and showed your support by liking the posts (which makes me very happy!).

Here’s the last part:

belgrade street style


belgrade street style

The famous poncho

belgrade street style

Belgium visiting Belgrade

Your favorite posts: part 2

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As announced in yesterday’s post, here is the 2nd round-up of your favorite posts. You liked them, you clicked on them: 2nd part!

belgrade street style

Choomich resident: designer Emilija Petrovic

belgrade street style

A stylish foreigner

belgrade street style

And an uber modern mom with her handsome baby boy and their stroller

I hope you’re enjoying these stylish, most liked posts that I aligned! The best of Belgrade street style will be back tomorrow!

Your favorite posts: part 1

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This week, since it’s the last week of the year (can you believe it??), everybody does reviews, conclusions and we’re all trying to appreciate and measure our achievements for the past year. Here on Belgrade street style we’ll do the same and this week we’ll repost THE MOST POPULAR posts according to your likes (and/or comments). The features will be published in no particular order and for the 1st day we have Dejan Despotovic, Vanja Milicevic and a very French lady, they all gathered a pretty number of likes and high stats.

Dejan Despotovic

Dejan Despotovic

belgrade street style

Vanja Milicevic

belgrade street style

Neutral and chic ‘model’

Tomorrow I’ll be back with more! Have a great week!

Evening, Senjak, Photoshoot…

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belgrade street stylebelgrade street stylebelgrade street stylebelgrade street style

It’s not happening very often that I’m obsessed with a ‘model’ who posed for Belgrade street style. Well this time is this exact case: I’m so delighted to introduce to all of you a fellow blogger, a fashionista and just a beautiful lady – Jelena Karakas! As I said, she’s a well-known blogger around here, so I think no words are needed to tell you how stylish, down-to-earth yet glam she is! I’ve been told that miss Jelena doesn’t usually agree with exposing her pictures online, but thanks to our amazing contributor Vanja (again!) she did agree and I can’t thank her enough! As I was saying, I’m in love with her outfit and I can’t even begin telling you what I like the most: her mind-blowing little coat, her gorgeous boots or the bag? I leave it to you to decide :).

Happy weekend!

Seeing Blue

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belgrade street stylebelgrade street style

This is Nina, fashion editor on Wannabe Magazine. Nina and Nadja make for a fabulous team, stylish, glamorous and feminine. No wonder Wannabe is a total success, right? These pictures were taken by Vanja, so thanks to her for this.

T is for Tartan

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belgrade street stylebelgrade street style

The last of three girls from Belgium (see 1st and 2nd here and here). Her bag is pretty much perfection, one more thing to put on my list for Santa :). I hope you’re reading this, dear Santa! Loved her tartan pants, such an unexpected detail!

Black (and a bit of gray)

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belgrade street stylebelgrade street style

Ladies (and gents, I know you’re here :D), it is with great honor I introduce to you one of my favorite ladies in this world – Nadja who is not only a beautiful woman who pretty much knows her style, she’s also the editor-in-chief of Wannabe Magazine (exactly, that Wannabe that we all know!). These pictures are taken by our lovely Vanja and well, there’s undoubtedly femininity and glam in the air around Nadja! P.S. Don’t you love the pretty bow on her scarf? Cute!

Stylish mess

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belgrade street style

Vintage necklace, striped shirt, leather jacket and different shades of brown – a lovely combination in my book.

Hope you have a great start of the week!