Your favorite posts: part 1

Dec 27, 2010 by

This week, since it’s the last week of the year (can you believe it??), everybody does reviews, conclusions and we’re all trying to appreciate and measure our achievements for the past year. Here on Belgrade street style we’ll do the same and this week we’ll repost THE MOST POPULAR posts according to your likes (and/or comments). The features will be published in no particular order and for the 1st day we have Dejan Despotovic, Vanja Milicevic and a very French lady, they all gathered a pretty number of likes and high stats.

Dejan Despotovic

Dejan Despotovic

belgrade street style

Vanja Milicevic

belgrade street style

Neutral and chic ‘model’

Tomorrow I’ll be back with more! Have a great week!

Choomich Design District – Emilija Petrovic

Dec 3, 2010 by

belgrade street stylebelgrade street style

Please meet Emilija Petrovic (of course if you still don’t know her, which is unlikely). She is another Choomich resident and her cute little shop is a must-visit (here‘s a tour if you’d like to see). Not only Emilija is a talented designer, she’s also a fabulous lady, a great and very captivating conversation partner and just a fantastically kind person! She’ll do her best to help when needed and to have some great fun at the very first sight. She’s gorgeous and amazing and so is her shop! Dare I say I’m ‘in love’ with her? :D

Last days of November

Dec 2, 2010 by

belgrade street style

Remember this post? Well, this gentleman and the beautiful style star were together, both looking amazing, so I just needed to snap a shot of him too. Something about him is special and so he’s worth being here. He was speaking Russian and Serbian, I’m confused about his ‘provenience’ :D.

Neutral and chic

Dec 1, 2010 by

belgrade street stylebelgrade street stylebelgrade street style

Have you noticed the huge importance of neutral colors this season? A camel coat is on top of everyone’s wishlist this winter! However, for fall this lady’s outfit fits in perfectly, a great balance of colors and that purple knitted scarf is just the right amount of a non-neutral color. For some reason her outfit seems to me very French. What about you?

White hat

Nov 30, 2010 by

belgrade street style

And who said we can’t combine a white hat and brown gingham pants on a fall day while carrying some books (perhaps coming back from library?). An outfit we normally don’t see every day, but which caught my attention.

Choomich Design District – Ana Ljubinkovic

Nov 29, 2010 by

ana ljubinkovicana ljubinkovic

Continuing the mini-series featuring Choomich designers and today we meet Ana Ljubinkovic (she needs no introduction, does she?). Cute like a button, talented and creative just as a fashion maven should be. Ana proves again that this season mint is a must (see her nail polish color and belt). All in all, a gorgeous lady!