Comfort clothes for a rainy day

Mar 21, 2011 by

Comfort clothes for a rainy dayComfort clothes for a rainy day

Hello, friends! I’m back to posting on a regular basis, sorry for my absence. We have a quite awful weather these days which consists of rain, clouds, wind and lots of humidity – is there anything worse than this? Not for me. So some comforting clothing is in order for each of us. I met this lady in a shopping mall, so I needed to snap a shot of her. She has a cozy sweater/cardigan, gray (obviously warm) pants and stylish boots which is a perfect outfit in my book. She was with her boy – an uber handsome little man who was too shy to pose, unfortunately :)

Many thanks to my lovely friend, JN, for chasing people with me, she was a huge help! :)

Sheer beauty

Mar 11, 2011 by

Marina Marcicev, gray tights, brown heelsMarina Marcicev, gray tights, brown heelsMarina Marcicev, gray tights, brown heels

Won’t say much about this girl, just that I love her and her outfit. She’s perfection in every way: sweet, friendly, kind, beautiful and stylish (as you could see already). Won’t even begin to list what I love in her outfit! I’m proud to have her on the blog today!

Happy Friday and I’m wishing you all a pretty weekend!

For the love of Fashion

Mar 10, 2011 by

Zara dress, brown boots, Jelena NenadicJelena Nenadic, Zara dressZara dress, Jelena Nenadic

This post needs a little explanation. Please know that under no circumstances I would ask a girl to take off the coat in the middle of the winter so I can take pictures of her. No way! Yet it happened and it was only because this cute fashionista sacrificed for Belgrade street style, even though it was freezing outside. She deserves the ‘brave heart’ award. Oh what a girl is about to do for the love of Fashion, right? (and writing fashion with capital letter was exactly how I want it to be written).

Bright colors are Spring’s best friends

Mar 9, 2011 by

Without any intention this post might be considered a continuation of yesterday’s post as they share a similar topic: colors and Spring. This girl’s coat smiled at me from far and I couldn’t ignore this apple green shade which feels so light and fresh. I hope I didn’t annoy you with my Spring addiction, but I really REALLY want it to come asap! What about you?

Electric Blue

Mar 8, 2011 by

Jelena Karakas for Belgrade street style (and Stilist Magazin) put on an amazing electric blue Zara blouse that’s absolutely perfect for Spring! A moment when blue is done just right! And not to forget the necklace that matches color-wise and has us yet again lusting after bright shades and color combos that simply scream Spring!

Cute as a button

Mar 7, 2011 by

A pretty girl to brighten up your Monday! Not only she’s looking modern and dressed with style, she’s sweet and cute like a button :). She’s a student, a smart girl and a life lover (at least that’s how I felt she is).

I have good news for you – this week the weather will finally get better and we’ll have sun and warm temperatures! Hold on little more :). Wishing you all a wonderful day!