Belgrade Fashion Week grand opening

Mar 28, 2011 by

On March 26th there was the grand opening of Belgrade Fashion Week that took place in Choomich and of course I was there to snap a few shots. I need to mention that on that day, before the opening ceremony, I was out for 7 hours chasing people on the street, so to say that in Choomich I was exhausted it’s a big understatement. Alright, enough whining, here’s my review from the grand opening (more stylish people to come).

Belgrade Fashion Week

Asok Murti – stylist and creator

Belgrade Fashion Week

Nenad Radujevic – organizer of Belgrade Fashion Week, president of Fashion Studio Click

Stylish attendees

Subtle Bohemian

Mar 25, 2011 by

subtle bohemiansubtle bohemian

I’ve been on a hunt for a similar scarf like this girl’s, but it looks like I won’t find a decent one, unless I dig into my grandmother’s trunk, I remember she had plenty of these. I love the bohemian feeling it has to it, looks hot, right? :). Will keep it short today, just because it’s Friday and my brain is on weekend already :).

Enjoy this warm and sunny weather! See you on Monday!

Last days before Spring

Mar 24, 2011 by

This picture tells me one thing: even this guy is totally sick and tired of cold days, rain and lack of sun. Well, no worries, seems like the situation is about to change in the very near future. I for one cannot wait, can you?

Winter/Spring outfit

Mar 23, 2011 by

winter/spring outfit

Winter because of the boots (that we all can’t wait to put away until next season, right?) and Spring because of so many reasons! The little jacket, the bag, the belt, the colors – pretty much all is perfection! And the girl is a cutie, no?

Retro chic

Mar 22, 2011 by

Retro, black & whiteRetro, black & white

These pictures feel so much like chic 50’s. The colors and style are a great proof, the shoes perfectly complete the look. It’s a timeless combination, don’t you think so? Will let you analyse every single detail, there’s a lot to see in her outfit.